The people who do it.


Our intentions are apparent in our values and reflected in our culture.

And we are always looking for new Raetsheren people: people who can recognise themselves in our intentions.

Our values: we set the highest standards for ourselves.


We have a personal relationship with our clients.

We have built up a relationship of trust with our clients. We know their ambitions. We know what factors are involved and can anticipate them in our role as service providers.

We make sure that we are always competent, and work to maintain our competency.

We are familiar with the markets in which our clients operate. And we are able to combine this knowledge with our experience and expertise in the field of insurance and risk management. In this way, we support our clients with segment-specific solutions.

We are sharp.

We guarantee an optimum balance of quality, price and performance in the procurement of insurance, helped by our unique position of trust among insurance companies.

We are independent.

We are an independent insurance broker with no ties of ownership to banks or insurance companies, operating in the international insurance market.

We are solid.

We are a solvent and financially sound organisation. This is confirmed by our D&B rating of 1, the highest rating of creditworthiness.

We think and act in an international context.

We are able to manage risks in an international programme for international organisations. We are partners in multiple international networks.

Our culture: we constantly look for new, better ways.

We want to set the standard when it comes to organising solutions for risks and insurance. That is only possible if we continually develop ourselves. For that reason, we don’t allow ourselves to be restricted by existing conventions, structures or collaborative arrangements. Both within our organisation and in the domain of risk and insurance, we continue to search for new ways. And for more intelligent and innovative solutions. Solutions in which knowledge of the business, the market and the client is optimally combined. We want to connect stakeholders with each other in these.

We ensure that our clients can act with confidence and risk-awareness. We create insight and the conditions in which they can achieve their ambitions.

We are ambitious, innovative, adept, energetic and inquiring.

That is what makes us Raetsheren.