Have you got what it takes to work for Raetsheren?


In 1768, we set ourselves a task: to ensure that our clients can act with confidence. That they can seize opportunities in a responsible way. Because risk is part of doing business.

Supporting the ambitions of our clients calls for knowledge, experience and expertise. They have to be enterprising – we provide the certainty of the boundary conditions. We advise them on solutions and scenarios. And offer them the best products and services to support their moves.

We don’t allow ourselves to be restricted by existing conventions, structures or collaborative arrangements. Both within our organisation and in the domain of risk and insurance, we continue to search for new ways. And for more intelligent and innovative solutions. Solutions in which knowledge of the business, the market and the client is optimally combined.

For that, we need the right people. People with an ambition that matches that of our clients. People with an unflagging interest in the significance of risk management and the best way to organise it. People who want to keep learning. We offer our employees a full range of opportunities and possibilities for further development and education, with excellent salaries and fringe benefits. But, in return, we demand high standards in addition to those set by and arising from the law, including mandatory participation in permanent education programmes.

Does this appeal to you? If so, check our current vacancies on werkenbij.raetsheren.nl or contact Rosan Zomerdijk at rosan.zomerdijk@raetsheren.nl.