Knowledge-sharing Meeting between Housing Corporations and Local Authorities.


A knowledge-sharing meeting for housing corporations and local authorities was held on 10, 11 and 19 of May. These days began with a plenary presentation of employer’s liability. In her presentation, our specialist Tessa Fuller explained to those attending about the liability risks facing an employer, and about how these can be managed.



The participants subsequently divided into two groups, whereby the housing corporations were given a presentation on ‘unusual damage claims for you and your tenant’. The liability risks were discussed first, then a disaster plan. The main question was “What action should your organisation take when a major claim presents itself?”

Our segment specialist Diane Biersteker delivered the second presentation for the housing corporations. The subject was the changing law and regulations in the new Housing Act, in connection with advice on and mediation in insurance. ‘What do these new rules signify for a housing corporation, and can they respond to them?’

For the local authorities, our Local Authorities segment leader Ans Kievits delivered a presentation on environmental damage. After giving a number of examples, she discussed the legal frameworks and the consequences of such damage. The second presentation for local authorities was given by our specialist Wim Mulder. He gave the participants an insight into the rules and procedures relating to invitations to tender.

For more information on these topics, you can contact Diane Biersteker or Ans Kievits.