Knowledge-sharing meeting for healthcare institutions.


On 21 June a knowledge-sharing meeting was held for healthcare institutions. Over the course of 3 presentations, the risks which might threaten an organisation’s continuity were explored.



The day began with a general introduction from Wim Mulder, segment leader for Healthcare at Raetsheren. He introduced participants to risk management and control at Raetsheren.

The second presentation, on trading loss, was given by W. (Wilco) A.M. van Schijndel RA. who, following his education in accountancy, started in 1997 as an expert in trading loss with Troostwijk Expertises. He still works for that company as is now Deputy Director. On behalf of Troostwijk he thakes care of the interests of businesses which, due to a disaster, incur a loss in the form of lost revenue and additional costs. This included a review of major losses incurred by hospitals, including the fire (in 2007) and the water damage (in 2015) at the VU University Medical Centre. In his presentation, he showed how trading losses can threaten the continuity of an organisation.

The final presentation, on cybersecurity and data loss, was delivered by Eric Rutkens, CEO of Insite Security. He specialises in ‘Big Data & Governance’, the future of the privacy issue, the consequences of cyber-crime, and the responsibilities for board members and regulators arising from these. Using a number of striking examples, he gave participants an insight into the risks associated with cyberspace.

For more information, you can contact our segment specialist for Healthcare Wim Mulder on +31 (0)6 10421376