We are Raetsheren.


We are more than just a partner when it comes to risks and insurance.

Raetsheren is an autonomous, independent, internationally operating insurance broker, with no ownership ties to banks or insurance companies.

Raetsheren’s insurance brokers and consultants know the clients, the markets, and the business of risk and insurance. Using their knowledge, experience and expertise, they support clients with segment-specific solutions. Preferably by removing risks, but also by managing risks and controlling processes.

In this way, our clients are prepared for the changing world and are able to make the best use of their opportunities, act with confidence and risk-awareness, and realise their ambitions.

Raetsheren specialises in insurance solutions and risk management, both for businesses and organisations in the (semi-)public sector: local authorities, housing corporations, owners’ associations, care institutions and educational institutions. In addition, we focus on advice and insurance procurement for the foodstuffs, maritime and packaging materials & plastics processing sectors, plus the (semi-)public sector including local authorities, housing corporations, owners’ associations, hospitals and educational institutions.

Our own logic.

We have discovered quite a lot since 1768; about the world, and about ourselves.

Our role.

A brief look at how we see ourselves.

What we want.

A brief look at how we develop ourselves.

How we work towards our goals.

Raetsheren described in five key concepts.