• 1768

    Patriot Times. William V was hereditary governor and Frederick the Great comes to visit his cousin. Jan Wagenaar published his magnum opus on the rise and success of Amsterdam as a trading city. Meindert der Kinderen establishes an stocks and bonds and insurance brokers firm in Zaandam together with Jacob Last.

  • 1788

    William V, governor of the Netherlands, who had been more or less pushed aside in 1785, is helped back into the saddle following a Prussian invasion. In England, ‘The Times’ is founded; in Amsterdam, Felix Meritis opens its doors. Antonio Salieri composes his Mass in D major for choir and orchestra. Cornelis der Kinderen takes over the business from his father and changes the firm’s name to ‘Der Kinderen & Son’.

  • 1803

    The entire country is occupied by the French. William has fled to England, and the Netherlands is now called ‘The Batavian Republic’. Great Britain establishes a penal colony in Tasmania, and Beethoven composes his Second Symphony. Willem van Orden, son-in-law of Meindert der Kinderen, takes over the insurance office, which has in the meantime expanded to become renowned among businesses in the Zaanstreek area.

  • 1827

    The Netherlands is a Kingdom, and bigger than ever: King William I reigns over what is today the Benelux. Pierre Cuypers is born, and Beethoven dies. Meindert van Orden takes over the business in Zaandam, which is growing steadily despite all political and social vicissitudes.

  • 1852

    William III is King of the Netherlands but is no longer an absolute ruler under the new Constitution. The first housing corporation is founded in Amsterdam, and the Haarlemmermeer is drained. Harriet Beacher-Stowe publishes ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and Willem van Orden (Meindertszoon) succeeds his father as owner of the insurance brokerage, which is operating throughout the country.

  • 1867

    Johann Strauss composes ‘The Blue Danube’, the Vondelpark is opened, and the first ship passes through the Suez Canal. The Turks are driven out of Europe, and the typewriter and bicycle are invented. In Zaandam, Van Orden remains a family business and is now in the hands of the son, Meindert (Meindertszoon).

  • 1889

    William III is still King, but is declared unfit to participate in government due to health reasons. The heir apparent, Wilhelmina, is still far too young to succeed him; Emma is made regent. The Eiffel Tower opens, as does the Central Station in Amsterdam. Herman Gorter publishes his epic poem ‘Mei’, and Louis Couperus his novel ‘Eline Vere’. Meindert van Orden (Willemszoon) becomes a broker with the company that bears his surname.

  • 1894

    Emma reigns. Founding of the Social Democratic Workers’ Party and the International Olympic Committee. The Reichstag Building is completed in Germany and the diesel motor is invented. In Zaandam, Meindert van Orden (Meindertszoon) and Meindert van Orden (Willemszoon) found the company W. van Orden.

  • 1902

    Wilhelmina is Queen, and is to become the longest-reigning monarch of the Netherlands. The football club Real Madrid is founded, and Edward VII is crowned as the successor to Queen Victoria. Premiere of Arnold Schönberg’s ‘Verklärte Nacht’. Meindert van Orden (Meindertszoon) dies, and Meindert van Orden (Willemszoon) takes over the company.

  • 1909

    Birth of Crown Princess Juliana. The first Elfstedentocht skating race is held, and the first cinema opens in Rotterdam. Blériot flies across the English Channel; in Russia, major agricultural reforms are implemented. Claas van Orden (son of Meindert van Orden (Meindertszoon)) becomes a partner in the W. van Orden company.

  • 1931

    The economic crisis. The UK leaves the Gold Standard, Keynes calls for increased consumption, and the NSB (Dutch National Socialist Movement) is founded. But, at the same time, the Empire State Building opens, and DuPont produces the first synthetic rubber. Johan George Manger is appointed as a broker. He is the son-in-law of Meindert van Orden (Willemszoon), who retires from the business a year later.

  • 1939

    Germany invades Poland, Britain declares war on Germany, and WW2 begins. The first Citroën 2CV rolls off the production line, DDT is invented, and Glenn Miller records ‘In the Mood’. In Spain, Franco wins the Civil War. Claas van Orden leaves the business, making Johan George Manger the sole director; the name Van Orden is maintained.

  • 1967

    Queen Juliana is on the throne and Prince Willem-Alexander, second-in-line to the throne, is born. The Six-day War is waged; Jacques Brei performs his final concert. Tommy Simpson dies while climbing Mont Ventoux. Everyone is watching Peyton Place. Johan George Manger Sr. retires, leaving his son Johan George Manger Jr. as the sole director.

  • 1991

    Queen Beatrix is on the throne, and the Warsaw Pact is dissolved. The First Gulf War breaks out, but Gorbachev and Bush also sign the START Treaty limiting nuclear weapons. Tim Berners-Lee makes the Internet accessible to the world, and the Delftse Poort building is opened in Rotterdam. Herman Cornelis Verhagen founds Raetsheren B.V.

  • 1994

    Nelson Mandela become President of South Africa, the Netherlands loses the Hockey World Cup Final, and the Channel Tunnel is opened. For Van Orden, it is a turbulent year: the company is acquired by Raetsheren B.V., and, as Raetsheren van Orden B.V., the company relocates to Wormerveer.

  • 1999

    The Euro is introduced as a currency for banking purposes. The ‘Night of Wiegel’ puts an end to the ‘Kok II’ cabinet. Bluetooth technology is introduced and Vladimir Putin become Prime Minister of Russia. Raetsheren van Orden acquires De Keyzer.

  • 2002

    The Euro replaces the Guilder and now also becomes a cash currency. Willem-Alexander marries Máxima Zorreguieta, Feyenoord wins the UEFA Cup, Pim Fortuyn is murdered, the Balkenende I cabinet enters government, and Prince Claus dies. Raetsheren van Orden moves to its current premises in Alkmaar.

  • 2016

    Terrorist attacks in Brussels. The Netherlands chairs the European Union, which the UK votes to leave, Johan Cruyff dies, and Raetsheren van Orden prepares to continue in 2017 under the strong name of Raetsheren.