We think and act in a goal-oriented way.


At Raetsheren, we don’t just think; we act as well. Fine ideas can come from reflection, but they are of no value unless we translate them into the services we offer you. For that reason, we are simultaneously both reflective and energetic. And we therefore grow in value to you.

We acquire knowledge and put it into practice.

We invest in data and knowledge, with the aid of new systems and segment-oriented teams, to get to know more about clients’ specific situations. In that way, we can activate this knowledge, offer our existing services in a more customised way and develop and implement new services.

We work on professionalism every day.

Through systematic provision of courses and training sessions, we assist all the people in our organisation to keep their specific expertise up to par, share it and make it applicable. We maintain the dynamic relationship between individual contributions and the ambition we have as an organisation. We encourage our professionals to make the difference, based on their specific expertise.

We know that value has to grow.

We always work very closely with our clients. We are not focused on transitory, one-off transactions; rather, we want to activate our knowledge of our clients and constantly expand our service provision to them with new, insurance-related services.

We nurture trust with visibility.

We invest in reinforcing the trust relationship with our clients by making the service provision process ever more transparent. We do this by involving our clients, in a structured way, in each element of our service and by giving an insight into our way of working.

We develop our own company, step by step.

We want to keep growing as a company in order to continue offering challenges to our staff. We are working hard to expand our network of relations. In doing so, we focus on entering into partnerships that lead to synergy: partnerships that really add something to our company and thereby to the value we can offer clients.