Raetsheren’s attitude towards the world.


Our basic objective.

The basic objective of Raetsheren is providing high quality insurance services to corporate and public sectors to support managing and transferring risk in the broadest sense of the word.

The forms in which risk support can be granted are: analysis, consulting, risk management, risk financing (including insurance procurement services), portfolio management and claims settlement.

The aim is to be the most professional and deliver the highest quality of service in the customer segments chosen by Raetsheren.

We see change as an opportunity.

You can only really do business if the associated risks are under control, and if your organisation can take advantage, responsibly, of the latest developments. You know the enormous impact that technological and social trends can have on society, and how these changes can affect corporate bodies and private individuals: users, owners and producers.

We work for clients who want to take advantage of such changes and use them to create value for customers. Clients who regard dynamic situations as challenges rather than threats. Clients who know that a good response to this world of opportunities means making choices. And that these choices have to be made responsibly, because you have to act confidently and with awareness of the risks if you want to achieve your ambitions.

Then change becomes an opportunity instead of a threat.

We want to help organisations act confidently and with awareness.

We see our task as creating the insight and conditions which will enable our clients to act confidently and with risk-awareness. We create the frameworks within which public organisations and businesses can realise their ambitions. We safeguard your enterprising spirit.

In that way, we help to safeguard added value and continuity, and ensure that our clients can anticipate changes in the world and make the most of their opportunities. Preferably by removing risks, but otherwise by managing risks and controlling processes.

Because that is our field, in which responsible, confident action leads to maximised use of possibilities.