Raetsheren sponsors the Heliolympics.

Heliolympics 2016

The Heliolympics will be held at several locations in Noord-Holland from 22 September to 6 October. The event is all about victories, team spirit and shifting the boundaries. Two thousand children, teenagers and adults with disabilities have the opportunity to discover a variety of sports in an inspiring way, such as boccia, archery, tennis, climbing, blow-karting and athletics.

Financing of various aspects of the Heliolympics is made possible thanks to support from various companies and organisations. Cees Raaijmakers, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Heliomare: “Thanks to this gift, people with disabilities can experience how sport and exercise benefit health and lifestyle, and, above all, how much pleasure it gives to take part in sports together. This is a huge stimulus.”

Why is Raetsheren van Orden sponsoring the Heliolympics?

We want to inspire our clients, not only by constantly developing and implementing appropriate solutions but also by supporting their aims and initiatives, and thereby making a valuable contribution to society. The Heliolympics, in particular, offers people with disabilities the opportunity to discover new things and push the boundaries. As an organisation, we are also always looking for new and better ways, so this initiative has our heartfelt support.