Markets in transition are full of opportunities.


So many markets, so many worlds. There’s a big difference between a housing corporation and a bulb grower. This means the risks they run are not always comparable, and being able to manage risks effectively therefore calls for expert knowledge of the market.

Moreover, organisations are inclined to be enterprising. As a result, and under pressure from external situations, all these different worlds are also in constant movement. ‘Risk’ is a key concept here, varying from “What risks are we prepared to take?” to “What risks bring these new situations with them?”

Raetsheren believes that risks should never put a brake on ambitions and objectives. For that reason, we invest in knowledge of our own field of business on the one hand, and on the other hand in constantly updated and relevant of the markets in which we work. What happens today is significant for tomorrow, and what we now identify as a risk must soon be a possibility.

It means we always want to be a step ahead of our clients. It means we want to identify where their risks lie now, and where they could arise, so we can then give them advice and practical assistance, providing services that we know to be relevant, effective and perfectly tailored to the risks of today – and tomorrow.