Our portfolio.

How we work on your risk management.

The risk management field is broad; very broad. It covers human interests and physical damage.

Major international sectors and individual households. Business objectives and insurance. Just about everything that makes up organisations or concerns them contains risks, and therefor calls for attention.

That’s why Raetsheren offers a wide portfolio of services. These are based on our fundamental philosophy and working method and they aim to give a maximally integrated approach to your questions. Because a risk never stands alone. It affects your entire business operation and your ambitions and sometimes also unexpectedly influences other aspects of the organisation. It is better approached in combination with other risks, using an innovative solution, than viewed in isolation.

As such, our portfolio reflects not only what we can do, but also how we wish to serve you.

Raetsheren has developed the following software applications in-house to optimize our service for you:

Between obligation and ambition.

About our service provision in the area of pensions.

The balance between prevention and insurance.

About our services in the event of liability.

Acting efficiently and carefully.

About our service provision to the public domain.

An overview of the product guides

About the product guides.