Relieving you of all the problems.

Raetsheren offers its own damage and repair service, designed to relieve you completely of the problems when dealing with damage and repair requests. Using a special, purpose-designed platform (RELY), we take in all damage and repair reports and see that they are correctly dealt with, regardless of whether the event was insured for or not. RELY connects all the parties involved in dealing with damage and repair requests, and so provides efficiency and meticulous care.

Raetsheren takes over the responsibility for the entire process of daily maintenance and repair work in an integrated manner. We function as a primary point of contact and, at the start of the partnership, draw up an implementation plan based on KPIs and your specific wishes. We create links between our RELY platform and your own systems, generate management information, direct all the stakeholders involved in the processing of repair requests, and consult with you periodically.
Raetsheren van Orden Consulting is responsible for the process and, in implementing the damage and repair service, brings in control centres, repair companies, claims processors and accredited experts. All the stakeholders involved work in RELY, so that data is centrally available and dossiers can be compiled.

In this way, we offer a total solution in which all the activities relating to day to day maintenance are taken off your hands, although you stay in control and can inspect management information at any time to serve as input for your budget and the planning of multi-year maintenance. For this service, contact our office and ask to speak to a damage specialist.