Pension advisory

Pension advisory

Our subsidiary Raetsheren van Orden Actuarissen B.V. focuses its pension activities on organisations that have no Branch Pension Fund (BPF) arrangement.

Raetsheren advises and offer appropriate insurance solutions in the form of collective pensions arrangements. In consultation and collaboration with you, we design the optimum pension arrangement for your company, based partly on the unique software of our own design.

All calculation variables, such as overheads, mortality tables and anticipated actuarial returns are determined in conformity with the market and calculated exactly with multiple variable options. Your pension arrangement is custom-designed on the basis of these calculations and independently of the products offered by the various insurance companies. The outcome can be either a final salary, average salary or defined contribution plan, or a combination of these arrangements.

Raetsheren designs its own pension solutions and also buys them in, if desired, from insurance companies. By combining an actuarial approach with knowledge of insurance and the markets, we can offer a distinctive, product-independent and thereby completely autonomous service.