More and more organisations are coming into contact with tendering processes, whether on the basis of a statutory obligation or as part of their own procurement policy. Raetsheren has recalibrated its service offering accordingly by establishing the Raetsheren Tenderdesk, run by an in-house lawyer.

The Tenderdesk assists public and private sector organisations in developing and implementing the formal procurement process for their insurance services. This assistance takes the form of a continuous process of information gathering, analysis, advice and tendering itself. We can help your organisation to draw up a Schedule of Requirements based on professional expert advice, assess the feasibility of your procurement needs in light of market availability, help you decide on the appropriate tendering strategy and execute the entire tendering process on your behalf (drawing up documentation, setting up a platform, answering questions). We can do this alone or in cooperation with any buyers or procurement firms that you have engaged.

Our services are available in relation to:

  • all types of insurance
  • any organisation requiring insurance procurement
  • all types of procedures, irrespective of the chosen tendering platform.

As a firm engaged to assist with an average of 50 procurement processes each year, we are one of the most active brokers in the Netherlands in the field of procurement, giving us the expertise and experience we need to assist you. Our specialist knowledge of segments, the insurance market and procurement regulations makes us the perfect partner to help you complete a procurement process efficiently, successfully and in full compliance with the law.

Service packages
Below you will find a general overview of the services that we offer in relation to tendering. The exact parameters and the applicable fees will be determined jointly with you once you decide to engage us.

  1. Minimum package: Raetsheren provides advice on the content of the Schedule of Requirements, on responding to questions and on assessing bids (if necessary). Your own procurement or other staff or an external procurement firm will draw up the documentation and deal with the TenderNed arrangements.
  2. Basic package: Raetsheren takes responsibility for the entire tendering process, from the information-gathering stage through to the award of the contract. This means that, in consultation with your organisation, we will handle the procedural aspects and content of the invitation to tender, draw up the tendering documentation, deal with the TenderNed publication and further TenderNed arrangements (questions, opening of the digital safe), provide advice on awards, finalise the process on TenderNed and ensure a proper handover to the successful bidder.
  3. Basic package plus: Raetsheren can be engaged to oversee the tendering process and for management services after the contract has been awarded. In that case, as well being the broker responsible for the tendering process, we will also be responsible for ultimate performance of the contract.

If you would like more information about Tenderdesk or wish to request a quote for one of the service packages listed above, please contact us at 072-5414151 or tenderdesk@raetsheren.nl