HR in Control.

It is not easy to keep on top of all the risks associated with your employees. Are you familiar with all the subsidy arrangements you can use? How do you deal with sickness absence, occupational disability and labour disputes? If you fail to prepare for these, or handle them incorrectly, it can easily prove an expensive business. Transitional payments and sickness absence costs accumulate quickly while, on the other hand, subsidies and arrangements are not used to the full.

Our HR in Control platform brings together all the risks associated with having employees. It provides control over your front-line processes, support for or outsourcing of the administrative side, management or assistance in the event of issues, conflict or sickness absence, and insurance for risks that you cannot or do not wish to bear. HR in Control offers you an integrated approach to HRM and connects all the separate links. This prevents inefficiency, financial risks and (indirect) costs, and brings advantages through a faster and better approach to sickness absence and rehabilitation.

In control over your workforce-related risks


We start by making an inventory of your existing situation and analysing it, and advising you on what you actually need to manage your risks. In that way, we work together to gain control over all your workforce-related risks. Together with you, we organise your policy on HRM and employment conditions, based on a risk inventory and a recommendation arising out of it. In addition, we offer advice concerning employment law, and can set up or support your wage administration. Together with you, we can ascertain and implement the relevant subsidies and premium discounts and manage the workforce-related financing risks, now that these are being increasingly shifted from the public sector to the private sector. If you wish, we can take care of Health, Safety & Working Conditions services, case management for sickness absence and occupational disability, and mediation in disputes. We can also share with you the knowledge we acquire about your organisation in the process, in the form of evaluations and periodical reports.

We devote a lot of attention to sickness absence and occupational disability, which constitute one of the biggest operational risks for many employers. We create an inventory of your specific situation and set up a tailor-made infrastructure for this, in which your information is administered. Our aim, in addition, is to improve your organisation’s capacity to learn about this crucial aspect. Furthermore, we work with you to develop the right protocols for the prevention of sickness absence and occupational disability and managing their costs, assisting with the financing of the risk and supporting your HR department where necessary.