Your Benefits

The personal benefits package for your employees.

Raetsheren has developed a personal benefits package for your employees.

Using the digital Your Benefits portal, your employees will be able to compare, take out and manage the following simple types of personal insurance round the clock:

• Car insurance
• Home and contents insurance, including an automatic guarantee against underinsurance
• Private liability insurance
• Family accident insurance
• Private legal assistance insurance
• Funeral insurance
• Caravan insurance
• Travel insurance

Your Benefits offers competitive rates when compared to the existing collectives.

Your Benefits enables you to offer your employees an attractive employment benefit, at no extra cost.
Your Benefits is user-friendly and offers your employees extensive cover at excellent rates. Your Benefits also gives your employees the following advantages:

• Well-secured and digital policy storage
• Personal claims handling
• No policy fees
• Monthly direct-debit payments without additional costs
• A one-month cancellation period, i.e. no long-term contracts
• Clear, easy-to-read policy conditions

We terminate current policies free of charge, and when providing information to your employees on Your Benefits, you can also count on the full support of Raetsheren (in the form of brochures, leaflets, mailings, copy for staff newsletter, intranet weblink, etc.).

The digital brochure is available at

Your personal details on the site are protected by a username and password. The security is based on SSL (secure socket layer), 128-bit encryption. Your information on the site will not be available to others on the internet.

To obtain more information or a login code (including for testing purposes), please contact the Raetsheren Employee Benefits business unit either on +31 (0)72-5414151 or via

Visit the Your Benefits website.