Acting efficiently and carefully.

Public domain

Risk management in the public domain calls for fairly extensive knowledge, not only of legislation and regulations but also of policy, future vision, political developments, social and administrative trends and relationships, etcetera.

Like a private organisation, a public organisation has objectives and strategies; the difference is that the context and associated task are always social and actions must be accounted for with complete transparency. This means that the public sector is constantly under society’s scrutiny.

Operating in this context means not only that extreme care is required, but also that efficiency is an issue. After all, one is working with public money. At the same time, the demands and expectations placed on the public sector are high. For that reason, the public sector constantly works to improve its efficiency. Raetsheren’s support can be counted on in two related subjects: guidance through mergers and reorganisations of local authorities and government agencies, and the complex subject matter of tender invitations.

Guidance with mergers and reorganisations

Over recent years, Raetsheren has given guidance in the field of insurance for various reorganisations and mergers of local authorities. This is frequently a complex process, in which numerous issues must be resolved and new policy has to be implemented. This calls for the specialised knowledge and experience that Raetsheren can offer you.

We collect relevant information from all the local authorities involved, make an inventory of the wishes of all the merging local authorities, and translate this into an analysis and a recommendation, recorded in a written report. This report serves as guidance for the decisions which the merging authorities must make. If desired, Raetsheren can subsequently organise the procurement (by means of a European invitation to tender if required), after which the service provision with regard to management is normally supplied.

Of course, we can give you more information about our 4-phase, structured Plan of Approach and supply one or more reference projects.

For more information on our services for mergers and reorganisations, contact Ans Kievits on +31 (0)6 12900099.

European Invitation to Tender

Local and provincial authorities are often required these days to grant their insurance contracts via a European invitation to tender. But companies are also inviting tenders with increasing frequency, for example via extensive ‘Requests for Proposals’ (RFPs).

Raetsheren can guide you through complete tender procedures. Thanks to Raetsheren’s independent status, the risk of being accused of partiality or restriction of competition is avoided. With a structured approach, clearly defined task allocation, transparent reporting and periodic consultation with the Principal, European invitations to tender become transparent and meticulous, and you avoid the risk of any culpability in the procedure.

Raetsheren ensures that the entire procedure is clearly documented and that you will ultimately have the complete dossier in your possession. All documents are presented in advance to the service inviting the tenders for inspection. This minimises the work that you must carry out.