Social pressure.

The main development we see in goods transport is that we are doing more with less. That means outsourcing where possible, intelligent use of multimodality, sustainability as an intrinsic element of the business model, and a big stake in innovation. In the still expanding stock of lease vehicles, we see the increasing influence of social tendencies; for example, from car sharing and the increasing proportion of electric cars. In public transport, technological advances play a big role on the one hand, while on the other hand there is an ongoing tendency towards upscaling. Environmental standards form an increasingly decisive factor across the entire sector.

In short, we can see that social pressure on motorised mobility is increasing. This makes the players in this market sensitive not only to economic losses but also to loss of social prestige. That calls for specific and, at the same time, broad knowledge of the risks in this sector, which Raetsheren offers and deploys in its service provision.