Food industry

From issue to issue.

The food industry faces an enormous challenge: continually providing the world population with good, safe food calls for an increase in scale and optimisation of the chain; which also means the risks become greater. At the same time, competition is intense and pressure on prices threatens to limit the opportunity for investment. The Dutch food industry appears to be well able to respond to these challenges, and therefore fulfils an important role internationally. However, food is a prime necessity of life and therefore (rightly) attracts a lot of attention from politicians, administrators and the media. This means an incident can sometimes be blown up to huge proportions, thereby become a threat to the companies in this sector.

Cataloguing and estimating risks in such a fragile environment calls for knowledge of many fields: business operations, production methods, international laws and regulations, and the political situation in the markets you sell to, to name but a few. We have such knowledge at Raetsheren, and we put this at the disposal of the businesses in this market.