Local authorities

Strategic risk management.

In the world of local authorities, one merger is followed by another. Motivated by arguments for administrative strength and financial resilience, new units are being created, and usually we do not know in advance what vulnerabilities they will have. At the same time, the character of service provision to the public is changing: as consumers become accustomed to fast, targeted services – frequently online – these are also increasingly expected from local authorities. Due to the increased scale at which local authorities work together, for example in the form of municipal in the domain of social and civil affairs, the risk profile is also changing accordingly.


Other, known risks exist for local authorities in the form of increasing attention to privacy, an ever more critical approach to local authorities’ duty of care, environmental issues, calamities, a volatile market in land and real estate, and an increasing employer’s risk under the influence of changing laws and regulations.

In this connection, the concept of risk management has a very specific meaning. In this case, it is not only about managing existing risks, but also about understanding the effect of risks on strategy and planning. Raetsheren evaluates and analyses the risk profile of local authorities in order to advise them in their strategic and physical development; it guides them through mergers and tendering processes, and procures insurance where necessary.