Logistics and (vertical) transport

Pressure of circumstances.

Logistics is a market which is heavily dependent on developments in the markets it serves. If oil is cheap now, it will probably cost more tomorrow.
Based on that idea, the call for oil storage space has increased dramatically over recent years. And that means also the price of that storage – and the risk. When the building industry pick up, the usage ratio of vertical transport (cranes) increases, new material is purchased, and workers are recruited. In the logistics market, there is a growing demand for finestructured distributionnetworks. The supply chain changes, carriers are increasingly taking greater responsibility in the supply chain in order to continue to meet the demands of their customers.

The logistics market is both complex and vulnerable simultaneously. It calls for a high level of market knowledge and also of insight into economic developments and trends in regulation and politics, in order to correctly foresee what will happen and the risks that are associated. At Raetsheren, we base our judgements on extensive data collections and trend analyses, so that we can advise you well and always offer relevant products and services.