Real estate and owners' associations


Both homeowners associations, professional managers of homeowners associations and commercial real estate as property owners are amongst the broad customer base of Raetsheren. Raetsheren is familiar with the multiplicity and diversity of risks to these parties. Raetsheren has an eye for the administrative task of the HOA, but also the complexity of the laws and regulations regarding consultancy in the field of insurances by the HOA manager’s. An example that shows this is the way Raetsheren facilitates administrators the opportunity to be an affiliated institution.

The commercial property market is strongly connected to our economy. The needs of users of real estate have changed over time. Companies need more modern production areas where innovation is encouraged. Flexibility also plays an increasingly important role. The emerge of real estate with a specific objective is a trend as seen in the rental market. This tapered destination of a rental item also involves specific risks. As a result of it the real estate market becomes increasingly complex.

Raetsheren knows the real estate market and owners association and is aware of this increasing degree of complexity. Raetsheren provides advice and support in the implementation of risk management by players in this market.