Security Regions

Knowledge for development.

The Security Regions of the Netherlands are currently in a highly dynamic situation. On the one hand, they aim for upscaling, harmonisation of the regions with those of the underlying emergency services, and national coordination of procurement and policy formation; on the other hand, the field of security calls for ever increasing knowledge and expertise: for example, through renewed attention to criminal proceedings against employees resulting from the performance of their duties, increased risk resulting from the refugee influx, and the possibility of terrorism. Among other things, it all leads to more pressure on working conditions whereby, moreover, the standards are not adhered to in every case.

Raetsheren offers assistance when it comes to risk management. We start by creating a thorough risk inventory, on the basis of which risks can be estimated. Not only in terms of content (the risks which affect us, and their significance for our development), but also in the operational sense. For the latter, Raetsheren offers the possibility of outsourcing risk aspects, with a single port of call for processing all claims. In addition, Raetsheren offers assistance with determining the organisation’s risk profile, responds to the increasing demand for data, and provides the associated advice on prevention.